WaveReader G6

Now you can offer your customers the ultimate convenience of paying for their laundry service in more ways than ever before. The WaveReader G6 fully supports EMV credit and debit, stored value, and NFC mobile payments.

WaveReader SPIN

The SPIN easily installs on a flat surface of virtually any washer or dryer. The rotating swipe bar maximizes mounting options.

WaveReader G2

Designed exclusively for the WaveRider System, these readers support a wide variety of laundry machines, including Alliance and Maytag.

Adding a cashless payment option has never been easier.  The MicroPayments Garden Style (GS) system was designed exclusively for small laundry installations that would not justify the investment of a traditional card based payment system.  


Small, unobtrusive, but powerful – The WaveController is the vital link between your WaveReaders and the WaveRider system.


Heartland's WaveVision application is a fantastic way for your customers to enjoy the benefits of the WaveRider system. Now, your residents can know, before they visit the laundry room, how many machines are available for use, and how much time is left on the machines that are currently running.


The WaveCentral system is Heartland's way of ensuring that you stay connected to your laundry facilities.   If you can get to the net  - via a browser on a PC, tablet, or mobile device – then you can always know what's happening, on demand.


Amenity cards are designed to provide up to four types of cycle-based laundry services to your customers.  Operating modes are:
   •   Declining Cycle Count
   •   Active Date Range
   •   Monthly Recurring Plan


The WaveRider Laundry Card program uses the WaveRider platform with the same hardware systems -  with the addition of a specific WavePoint Revalue Station The Laundry Cards provides a closed-user-group payment option.