Visitor Cards

Keep your correctional facility secure with our proprietary software. Our visitor card management system eliminates the hassle of correctional officers making change for visitors and prevents visitors from passing cash to inmates. Plus, you can always count on Heartland’s industry-leading security.

Inmate Cards

Eliminate inmates’ ability to purchase prohibited items by issuing reusable plastic cards that hold cash value and inmate identification information. Our correctional facility card software provides a secure means for transactions, and will also improve your auditing efforts. Whether it’s used for laundry, ticket generation or other transactions, our prison inmate card system will make your job easier.

Staff/Officer Cards

With Heartland’s correctional facility staff and officer card software, you can provide secure access to vending machines and dining facilities. This system also includes regular auditing reports to help you keep track of funds and reduce waste. Plus, you can always count on our industry-leading security.