Now you can offer your customers the ultimate convenience of paying for their game play in more ways than ever before. The WaveReader playpoint fully supports EMV credit and branded-debit, stored value, and NFC mobile payments.



Small, unobtrusive, but powerful – The WaveController is the vital link between your WaveReaders and the WaveRider Amusements system.


The WaveCentral system is Heartland's way of ensuring that you stay connected to your games. If you can get to the net - via a browser on a PC, tablet, or mobile device – then you can always know what's happening , on demand.


PartyCards are designed to provide your customers with several types of easy to manage pay-for-play options. Ideal for groups (birthday parties) or special events (company outings). Operating modes include: 

          Declining Play Count 
          Active Date Range 
          Monthly Automatic Plan